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Offshoring Services

Cost – When asked in a recent survey, 70% of business leaders cited costs as the main factor they consider when offshoring services.  

Of course, financial incentives are compelling, but cost alone isn’t the only reason why companies opt to move part or all of various services offshore.  The world has gotten smaller, and to develop exciting services for clients around the world and do this efficiently, you need a global resource pool of the best talent available.  

Offshoring gives you what Outsourcing cannot provide:

  • You get to control your IP, no worries about an outsourced vendor
  • It’s your team – manage them your way and that’s final!
  • Your company culture is your superpower, why would you outsource that?
  • As you grow, so do your employees. Their knowledge helps future teams.
  • When you finally decide to enter a new market – you’ve got an in-house team already up to speed.

With the increasing costs of goods and services, finding creative ways to make your products cost-effective and deliver efficiency gains for clients presents a challenge. India, long known for its young and highly educated English-speaking and tech-savvy population, offers a dynamic advantage for SaaS companies needing talented employees.

Why Offshoring


How It Works?

We are your partner in India, helping you tap into India’s vast talent pool.  Using the tremendous size of the Indian IT profession, we pave the way, delivering a cost-effective solution for your business’s expanding needs.  Whether it’s a single project team or an entire business unit, the cost and headache of setting up your remote employees are taken care of entirely by India SEED Ventures.

Why partner with ISV

Why Partner with ISV?

A seasoned business team with 20+ years of global SaaS experience.
We Co-Invest With You – ISV Is Not A Service Provider, We’re Your Extended Team​
Our extensive business network and deep resource pool help you obtain access to top professionals.
We know the benefits of quick decisions – ours are backed by years of learnings.
Securing your investment is our responsibility – a $5 million liability coverage helps.
That same business experience provides exceptional cross-functional expertise.
What better way to gain access to a customer base of 1 billion – ISV gets you there.
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India Market Entry
Regional Liaison
Public Relations
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Offshore Solutions

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About us

Back in 2015, a discussion between a couple of technology mad friends stirred an idea that offshoring could be done better than it currently was, in particular removing the idea that India was just a “back office” for the rest of the world. At India SEED Ventures, we provide fledgling start-ups, unicorns, and mature businesses, a way to access India’s high number of skilled technology professionals while leveraging the inherent cost advantages. The use of a BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer) enhances our ability to co-invest, empowering you to benefit from having a captive team or sales & marketing team in place well before making any investments. Experienced management, technical know-how of SaaS challenges, and sound financial backing show that ISV should be your first choice when looking to expand your business anywhere in the world. Let ISV be your “Gateway to Anything India”

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Our Story

ISV Team

The Team

Every recipe is based on the right mix of ingredients to balance the flavour of the dish. At ISV our two major ingredients are heavy doses of Experience mixed with generous servings of People who get stuff done. We know what investors and executive teams need. We’ve built and led numerous SaaS companies and been part of the Executive teams of successful SaaS companies. While our sourced talent is ranked among the top performers in their respective companies. Add it all up, and we’re uniquely placed to help you realise your business goals as an extended part of your global team. Put another way, we save you time and resources, getting our hands dirty from day one so you don’t have to.

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